Utility / Mudroom / Family Entry

As the title indicates, this area will, most likely, be a transition to the kitchen or other main access to the house.  This room is usually located near the garage for convenient unloading of groceries and dropping off things before coming in. This area can be used for many reasons such as a pet kennel, cleaning things other than clothes like big pots, muddy shoes, or pets. It can be an arts and crafts area.  Many clients use it for a planning center or added office space. It can be a storage area for overflow kitchen items or junk not ready to throw away yet. Lots of ideas for this space on web sites. Choose carefully and don’t try to do it all.

Design Tips: 

  • Of course, washer and dryer. A few choices here, stacked (more for the closet or secondary laundry), Traditional top load, or newer front load. Each has its use for different situations. We’ll discuss these differences. Always put a drain under or near the washer. Place these so they aren’t the first thing you see coming home. W/D can be depressing if you have a lot of clothes to wash.
  • A big, deep sink is good for multiple uses. Be sure to leave some counter space on sides of the sink for better function. This sink can also be used for cleaning wild game if that’s one of your hobbies.
  • A hanging space is nice for non-iron clothes or delicate items.
  • Folding counter space with storage for family member’s individual baskets. 
  • Storage for cleaning products, either in cabinets or in closet.
  • Broom closet that could second for entry coat closet as well.
  • Drop off area can be enclosed cabinets or open cubbies.
  • A place to sit for removing shoes or for someone who might be a helping you with chores?
  • Hooks for jackets is nice near the family entry. The family entry/mudroom can either be its own space or part of the laundry.

Bonus Tips: 

  • An island is handy if you have the space. It can be the folding area, craft area, or other use.
  • If planning for pets, think about access to outside with a pet door and yard beyond.
  • The second refrigerator can go here. Lately, I’ve been putting a refrigerator in the pantry, also.
  • This area can be great for caterers. Think about lots of counter space for that.
  • It’s always nice to have natural light so this space doesn’t feel like a dungeon.
  • Pick materials and designs that are practical and easy to clean.
  • Make sure the kitchen flooring is stain, slip, and moisture resistant.