Office / Den

The modern office can also be referred to as the den. This space can be a traditional office with desk and shelves, or it can be another get away spot that doubles as a workspace and a second TV watching area with sofa or large chairs. It can be a guest bedroom if it has a pullout sofa, bath, and closet. I usually put this space towards the front of the house but t it can go anywhere depending on how it’s used.

Design Tips: 

  • As in most areas, think about furniture, art, trophies, books, and any other needs for this space.
  • Are you going to conduct business in this office?
  • Do you tend to leave clutter out? If so, maybe place this room away from guests. 
  • Do you want built in shelves and furniture or store-bought furniture?
  • Do you need file storage?
  • Is your computer a laptop or a large CPU desktop with large driver under cabinet?
  • Think about a closet for storage, printer and other office supplies.
  • Ceiling details can be spacious and clean lines or rustic with beams and other wood details.
  • Do you want pocket doors off the foyer or a single door off the hallway?
  • Do you see this area near the master suite (privacy) or closer to the main living areas (public area) of house?

Bonus Tips: 

  • Have multiple lighting for both reading and watching TV.
  • One solution to clutter is to put desk/clutter within a joined closet space, leaving the rest of room looking clean.
  • Consider natural light if watching TV is a major activity.
  • Possible floor plug which includes Cat 5 for a floating desk.