Master Suite

The retreat comes to mind here. This is a place to get away if you want.  A place for sleep, for preparation of a big event, or just everyday function. The three components of bedroom/ sitting, bathroom, and wardrobe are combined in this space for convenience and personal pampering. This will be a large set of thoughts because I’ve combined all three components in this section.

Design Tips: 

  • Be sure to block the view of bed wall when viewed from other parts of house. Maybe a hallway for transition is important.
  • The master bed area is for sleeping but can also be used for an escape or reflection. Maybe an argument requires some alone time. Or the kids are stressing you out. The master bed area can help you get away.
  • Orientation of view and position of windows are important. I don’t recommend windows facing east if you want to sleep late.  Don’t put the spa next to your bedroom if you have guests (visiting relatives) that stay up late. Think about your lifestyle and how you want it to relate to other portions of home.    
  • The sitting area can be great looking and functional. This can be the perfect space to have quiet time if you like to read. Sometimes the chairs in this space are used for storing clothes or other stuff. Maybe the sitting area isn’t needed for your lifestyle. Don’t feel pressured to do a sitting area just because you always have in the past. I was told one time that just looking at a comfortable chair and ottoman can make a person feel restful. 
  • Ceiling features can be nice to look at and serve as a soothing mood enhancement. Cove lighting and special detailing of step ceiling or wood beams can make this area interesting and warm.
  • Bathroom is important for its location to the bed area. Think about putting the entry so the opening doesn’t bother someone who wants to sleep.
  • The first thing you see when entering the bath should be special, like a tub, or shower, or window. No view directly at the toilet.
  • Vanity lavatories together or separated? Depends on function and lifestyle. Do you want to have a dressing vanity with sit down makeup? Do you want separate heights?
  • The tub or no tub comes up often. Some prefer to only shower. In a fully custom home, the tub is a major feature for the master bath. I would say put it in even if not used much. Resale is important so you won’t alienate any buyers.
  • Showers can be a real treat. Do you want wide open or closed to keep heat and steam in? Don’t skimp here. Make it a special space and decorative feature. Both in design and finishes. A seat is nice but can we get away with just a foot washing ledge. Be sure to study niche spaces and the amount of product you leave out.
  • The wardrobe can be together or separate. Together saves a little footage but you lose wall space for hanging and shelving. Double rods are standard. Gown hanging space usually isn’t a major need. Try to measure your current double and single rod space for the new design.  Also, think about drawers and open shelves for everything from shirts to shoes.d

Bonus Tips: 

  • Do you want to have your master suite on its own air conditioning for maximum control?
  • Think about a place to sit for putting shoes on or to talk while someone while getting ready to go out.
  • I like long trench drains in the shower but their more expensive. No curb at shower might look great and be good for no step over. The glass door might drip onto floor when its open so no curb means no rug to catch dripping.
  • Be sure to remember hanging space for towels.
  • The plumbing will need to be upsized here if doing multiple shower heads and valves.
  • A full-length mirror can be nice in the closet or somewhere in bath.
  • Lighting above vanities needs to be good on face as well as generally.
  • Exhaust fan needs to be positioned to remove both moisture and smells.
  • Be sure to plan for pets if they sleep in the bedroom. Access to outdoors may be important.
  • Planning for curtains or shades in the master suite is probably a must. You can do built-in or after market.
  • Be sure to discuss furniture needs in bedroom. Fireplace and TV are also important.
  • Sometimes the best location for a safe is near the closet. This area is practical if you have jewelry that needs to be in a safe, even if just a small safe. A larger safe might be better near the garage.