Garage / Storage

The garage needs to have good depth and width to allow for large vehicles. In Texas, we drive big trucks and other vehicles. I try to imagine the parking space at shopping centers only add a little for ease of maneuvering. Sometimes storage along wall is good but might look cluttered. Try to think of all the large vehicles and toys you might park here.

Design Tips: 

  • Think about a large crew cab, long bed truck with ranch bumpers. This is one of the largest vehicles to allow for. If we plan for this vehicle (9’wide x 8’ tall door), all others should fit fine.  
  • Think about where you want the trash bins to be stored.
  • A separate storage room (either air conditioned or not) could go near the garage. A large second safe for guns might go here for easy loading for going hunting. Also, shelves for storage bins should be thought about.
  • Electrical outlets placement should make sense for vehicle maintenance and other hobbies like wood working.
  • A tool bench and storage might be nice for tinkering or for full wood working projects.
  • Allow for water softener and reverse osmosis closet. Maybe the water heater also.
  • Attic access might be another storage option. Maybe a staircase so you aren’t doing the pull-down ladder.
  • Do you want the garage doors to face front entry (sweep in garage) or do you want a side entry garage.

Bonus Tips: 

  • Do you want to do a hot and cold water for washing cars or pets?
  • Do you want another mop sink for the garage clean up?
  • Most garages should be similar floor height as the main house or level floor.
  • Put garage doors on the higher side of lot so the motor court doesn’t have to be built up. This can be costly.
  • Epoxy finish on floors makes it easier to clean.