Dining Area

The dining area is both a place for showing off your family heirlooms as well as congregating with friends and family. Many times, it’s only used a few times per year. It can also be used for party settings if placed in the appropriate location. The location can be the center of activity or it can be off to the side. The traditional location, just off the entry and separated, works for a more traditional setup. This is important for displaying your collectibles. If the location is on the rear/view side of home, it’s usually meant for congregating. If it’s located in the middle of the kitchen/living areas, it’s used as a main entertaining function. Families with small children may like the dining area for interacting while doing homework as the meals are prepared and multi-tasking is going on. Sometimes, the dining area is used for playing games or having separate conversations with family and friends.

Design Tips: 

  • Take inventory of the furniture you’ll be using for this dining area. Artwork is also important.
  • How many seats do you want for this area? A table may be displayed in a smaller setup, then leaves added for the big gatherings.  
  • The dining area can create a buffer for the front of the house. It allows us to put lots of glass on the front but creates a privacy buffer for the family/living room. The dining area can be both a buffer and still relate fully to the rest of the main entertaining areas.
  • The ceiling is a great feature in the dining area. Look for ceilings that interest you.
  • Think of the dining area as a personality feature. Are you wanting a large gathering feeling or more intimate feeling to the design? The dining area can make you feel one way or the other.

Bonus Tips: 

  • Configuration of table placement and light fixture can drive the placement of windows and all other things within this space. We need to think about how the ceiling relates to these things yet allow for side furniture and circulation around everything.
  • A bar can be useful serving both the dining as a buffet and butler pantry, but can also be used for wine and other bar related things for entertainment. A bar can also house extra kitchen things like an extra refrigerator or ice.
  • Allow your lifestyle to direct you in the location and finishes of the dining area.