Bar / Wine Room

I’ve described the bar as being located somewhere near the kitchen or dining areas. This location can be useful to both as an over flow in many ways. It can be an extension of both dining and kitchen. Another location may be in the game room. The bar can be a walk-up type, along a corridor, or one where guests sit around. It can be a butler style for storing dishes or a coffee type that specializes in breakfast. Combining the bar with a connection to a wine storage is attractive and efficient.

Design Tips:

  • Be sure to select appliances for the bar along with other kitchen appliance so you don’t duplicate selections such as ice maker or wine refrigerator.
  • Think about how you want the backdrop. Do you want to have glass doors for uppers or conceal things? Do you like open shelves for display? Lighting can be minimal or enhanced and provide subtle lighting for other surrounding areas. 
  • Be sure to place some outlets for slow cookers. A bar can be a great place to lay out food during parties.
  • Wine storage can be a whole conversation of its own. Let me know how much you want to store and/or display.

Bonus Tips:

  • Ice makers come in different types of ice. Sonic, top hat, flat and others. Be sure to drop slab at ice and provide a drain.
  • Is there space for hanging out? Many people tend to stand near the bar area for some reason. HaHa.
  • Do you want to stand behind like a bar tender or have a hired bar tender? Be sure it’s comfortable, maybe put a spot for a stool at end in case you want to sit down and talk to guests.
  • Make a statement here. Have fun with selections.